Indramat Error Codes: The F3000’s

IndraDrive F3000 error codes

IndraDrive fault codes and error diagnostic messages are annoying, frustrating, and often costly. However, stamping your feet, swearing, and stressing over an error code won’t make you feel better. And it certainly won’t solve the problem. Every minute that your IndraDrive is down because of an error increases costs for your business. You need your machinery up and running again as quickly as possible.

IndraDrive is the latest Indramat drive system, and even though Indramat made some of the best motion control products on the planet, your drives may need a little maintenance or repair after three decades of reliable use.

Call 479-422-0390 immediately whenever you see an error code pop up on your IndraDrive. We successfully troubleshoot most problems directly over the phone, we can rush an emergency replacement unit to your factory floor, or we can come directly to you at a moment’s notice.

Here is a list of IndraDrive error codes in the F3000 range.

IndraDrive F3000 error

  • F3111 Refer, missing when selecting safety related end pos
  • F3112 Safety related reference missing
  • F3115 Error, brake check time interval exceeded
  • F3117 Actual position values validation error
  • F3122 Safety related holding system: system error
  • F3123 Safety related holding system: brake check missing
  • F3130 Error when checking input signals
  • F3131 Error when checking acknowledgment signal
  • F3132 Error when checking diagnostic output signal
  • F3133 Error when checking interrupting circuits
  • F3134 Dynamization time interval incorrect
  • F3135 Dynamization pulse width incorrect
  • F3140 Safety parameters validation error
  • F3141 Selection validation error
  • F3142 Activation time of enabling control exceeded
  • F3143 Safety command for clearing errors incorrect
  • F3144 Incorrect safety configuration
  • F3145 Error when unlocking the safety door
  • F3146 System error channel 2
  • F3147 System error channel 1
  • F3150 Safety command for system start incorrect
  • F3151 Safety command for system halt incorrect
  • F3152 Incorrect backup of safety technology data
  • F3160 Safety bus communication error


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