Indramat Error Codes: F4000+

Indradrive fault codes F400+

You know that you need to clear an IndraDrive fault code as soon as possible. Downtime costs increase with each minute that your machinery is down. We can help clear IndraDrive fault codes and restore your system as quickly as possible. We specialize in Indramat motion control systems, and can help you resume production.

We’ve already listed F2000 and F3000 IndraDrive fault codes. Here’s the remaining IndraDrive error and fault codes for F4000+.

IndraDrive fault codes: F4000’s

  • F4001 Sync telegram failure
  • F4002 RTD telegram failure
  • F4003 Invalid communication phase shutdown
  • F4004 Error during phase progression
  • F4005 Error during phase regression
  • F4006 Phase switching without ready signal
  • F4009 Bus failure
  • F4012 Incorrect I/O length
  • F4016 PLC double real-time channel failure
  • F4017 S-lll: incorrect sequence during phase switch
  • F4034 Emergency-Stop
  • F4140 CCD communication error


  • F6010 PLC Runtime Error
  • F6024 Maximum braking time exceeded
  • F6028 Position limit value exceeded (overflow)
  • F6029 Positive travel limit exceeded
  • F6030 Negative travel limit exceeded
  • F6034 Emergency-Stop
  • F6042 Both travel range limit switches activated
  • F6043 Positive travel range limit switch activated
  • F6044 Negative travel range limit switch activated
  • F6140 CCD slave error (emergency halt)


  • F7010 Safety related limited increment exceeded
  • F7011 Safety rel. position limit val., exc. in pos. dir
  • F7012 Safety rel. position limit val., exc. in neg. dir
  • F7013 Velocity threshold exceeded
  • F7014 Acceleration threshold exceeded
  • F7020 Safety related maximum speed exceeded
  • F7021 Safety related end position exceeded
  • F7030 Pos. window for safety rel. operational stop exceeded
  • F7031 Incorrect direction of motion
  • F7040 Validation error parameterized – effective threshold
  • F7041 Actual position value validation error
  • F7042 Validation error of safety related operating mode
  • F7043 Error of output stage interlock
  • F7050 Time for stopping process exceeded
  • F7051 Safety related deceleration exceeded


  • F8000 Fatal hardware error
  • F8010 Autom. commutation: max. motion range when moving back
  • F8011 Commutation offset could not be determined
  • F8012 Autom. commutation: max. motion range
  • F8013 Automatic commutation: current too low
  • F8014 Automatic commutation: overcurrent
  • F8015 Automatic commutation: timeout
  • F8016 Automatic commutation: iteration without result
  • F8017 Automatic commutation: incorrect commutation adjust
  • F8022 Enc. 1: enc. signals incorr. (can be cleared in ph. 2)
  • F8023 Error mechanical link of encoder or motor connection
  • F8025 Overvoltage in power section
  • F8027 Safety related standstill while drive enabled
  • F8028 Overcurrent in power section
  • F8042 Encoder 2 error: signal amplitude incorrect
  • F8057 Device overload shutdown
  • F8060 Overcurrent in power section
  • F8064 Interruption of motor phase
  • F8067 Synchronization PWM-Timer wrong
  • F8069 +/-15Volt DC error
  • F8070 +24Volt DC error
  • F8076 Error in error angle loop
  • F8078 Speed loop error
  • F8079 Velocity limit value exceeded
  • F8091 Power section defective
  • F8100 Error when initializing the parameter handling
  • F8102 Error when initializing power section
  • F8118 Invalid power section/firmware combination
  • F8120 Invalid control section/firmware combination
  • F8122 Control section defective
  • F8129 Incorrect optional module firmware
  • F8130 Firmware of option 2 of safety technology defective
  • F8133 Error when checking interrupting circuits
  • F8134 Safety related holding system: fatal error
  • F8135 Velocity exceeded with trend monitoring
  • F8140 Fatal CCD error
  • F8201 Safety command for basic initialization incorrect
  • F8203 Safety technology configuration parameter invalid
  • F8813 Connection error mains choke
  • F8838 Overcurrent external braking resistor


  • F9001 Error internal function call
  • F9002 Error internal RTOS function call
  • F9003 Watchdog
  • F9004 Hardware trap

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