Indramat Error Code F401

Indramat error code F401 indicates a Double MST Error Shutdown. According to the Indramat manual this means that “the drive has not  received the master synchronization message frame in two consecutive SERCOS cycles”. As with many error codes, there are a few possible reasons you might be seeing this message.

What causes Indramat error code F401?

The first thing that you should do when you see an Indramat error is check the troubleshooting guide. You can get replacement Indramat manuals by filling out our manual replacement request form.

So what does the manual say about F401 errors?

Bad connection or faulty cables

There could be something wrong with the fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cables transmit data in the form of light through a series of glass or plastic fibers. Check to make sure that the cables are all still properly connected and intact.

If everything appears in order, check to see if any of the cables are malfunctioning or defective.

Poor signal

Another possible explanation for Indramat error code F401 is excessive damping of light signals. The maximum damping between TX and RX  should exceed 12.5 dB. If there is too much damping, data cannot be properly transmitted.

Check the SERCOS Interface

If all of the cables work and are connected properly, and damping is at the appropriate levels, there could be a problem with the SERCOS interface itself.

Check the interface module to see whether or not it is working properly. If the problem appears to be with the SERCOS interface module, it should be replaced from the drive with a new one.

Drive failure

So, it’s not the fiber optic cables, and the SERCOS interface is in working order. Now what? The problem could be that the master drive has failed. If the slave drives have all stopped working, you should check to see if the problem is with the master.

There’s a better way to resolve your error codes

Even if you have your troubleshooting guide, you may not be able to identify which of these possible problems is the culprit.

Professional support is the fastest, most reliable, and most efficient way to resolve Indramat error codes.

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