Indramat Error 78

If you’re operating a system that uses an Indramat ECODRIVE controller, you might think that the title of this post is missing a number… and a letter. However, DDC, DDS, DKS, and MDD drive controllers only display two numbers rather than the letter and three number codes found on ECODRIVE controllers. That’s because the H1 status indicator can only provide two numbers at a time. Indramat error 78 is an example.

So what does it mean if your H1 indicator is showing the number 78? If this appears on your drive controller, you’re seeing a fault message that means “Velocity loop error”.

Velocity loop error

Whenever the velocity loop is active, the difference between velocity command value and the feedback value should never be greater than 10% of the maximum motor speed. If the difference between these two values does exceed 10%, the feedback value should adjust itself to the command value. However, should the difference exceed that 10% and the feedback value does not correct itself after 10 milliseconds, your system will shut down, and that number 78 fault message will pop up on your drive controller.

There are a few different things that could cause Indramat error 78 to appear.

  • There could be a problem with your motor cable, or the motor cable might not be connected properly.
  • The controller power section could be defective.
  • The feedback could be malfunctioning.
  • The parameters for your velocity loop could be incorrect.

So if you see Indramat error 78, start by checking your motor cable. Make sure that it is connected properly, and make sure that it’s not defective. Check your manual to make sure that the right velocity loop parameters have been set. If it’s not the cable or the velocity loop parameters, you might need to replace the drive controller or the motor.

Indramat repairs

Many fault messages are simple fixes that can be taken care of with a simple phone call. Some errors, however, require more knowledge and expertise to remedy. If you have any Indramat repair needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can facilitate repairs and reman for many Indramat components, including DDC, DDS, DKS, and MDD drive controllers.