Indramat Drive Maintenance?

While you should run regular maintenance on your Indramat servo motors, Indramat drive maintenance isn’t really a thing. Indramat drives rarely fail, and they do not require maintenance. If your drive fails, it typically requires replacement.

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Why can’t you service Indramat drives in the factory?

You can’t diagnose or repair Indramat drives in situ. You must return the unit to the factory for repair. This is simply a result of how Indramat designed products. If anyone could crack open a servo motor or drive and tinker with it, the company’s reputation for quality would suffer.

Some third parties claim to offer reliable Indramat service and repair. However, you must remember that Indramat — now Bosch Rexroth — does not sell authentic OEM parts to third parties. You can use your imagination to figure out how third party repair shops get the parts they use in their work.

That doesn’t mean that you’re powerless in keeping your Indramat drives — and all of your Indramat components — running smoothly.

Indramat Drive maintenance that you can actually do.

Maintaining your drive is about controlling the environment. You aren’t going to run diagnostics and scrub your drives squeaky clean every quarter. Instead, focus on preventing damage to your drive by controlling the things that cause failure.

  • Check your cables frequently. Sometimes a drive failure isn’t the result of a defective drive. Instead, a faulty cable causes your system shutdown.
  • Check your fans twice a month. Once a fan stops operating, you’re running on borrowed time. Heat accelerates the aging of your drive faster than any other factor.
  • Keep the temperature and humidity constant at the appropriate levels. You accomplish this with a functioning climate control cabinet.
  • Ensure a reliable power source. Power surges or inconsistent electricity can damage drives.

These steps help keep your machinery happy, which keeps you happy. Not happy with how your Indramat system is running? Give us a call at 479-422-0390. We provide phone support as well as on-site support for Indramat systems.