Indramat DKS Drives Combine Power and Control

Indramat DKS Drives

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Two heads aren’t always better than one

Imagine that you’re sitting in the passenger seat of a car. It can be any car: KITT from Knight Rider, the car from Mad Max, a McLaren F1, a Honda Civic, or whatever. You buckle up your seat belt and wait in anticipation for the driver to arrive.

Except, two drivers show up instead of one.

One of them will control the accelerator while the other will control the steering. The driver controlling the gas pedal can’t see the road and the driver steering can’t see the pedals. Oh and they just met like 5 minutes ago. Good thing you buckled up!

In the same way that you would rather have one driver that controls both the acceleration and direction of a car, you want one servo drive that combines power and control in a single unit.

Indramat DKS servo drives are integrated digital intelligent AC drives that offer both power and control for your industrial motion control system.

Indramat DKS drives combine power and control

While theses drives are known for boasting both a high level of power and accuracy, there are other features that make Indramat DKS drives a great motion control option.

DKS drives are in constant communication with the motor via feedback cable, and have plug-in cards for maximum convenience and versatility. These drives are designed to be simple, functional, and efficient. If you need to replace a defective drive you can simply swap the software on the old drive to the new one, minimizing downtime.

There are a two main types of Indramat DKS drive: DKS 1.1 and  DKS 1.2. However, there are several different variations within these two type code designations. It’s critical that you replace your Indramat products with a unit of a matching type code. Close enough isn’t close enough when it comes to motion control. Trying to replace your unit with anything other than an exact match will results in preventable cost and downtime.

To identify your DKS drive, just check the System Configuration label and locate the type code.

Here are a few examples of DKS drives:

  • DKS01.1-W100A-DA02-01-FW
  • DKS01.1-W100A-DL02-01-FW
  • DKS01.2-W100A-DA01-01-FW
  • DKS01.2-W100A-DS50-01-FW

As you can see, some of theses type codes are fairly similar. We can help make sure that you get the correct replacement unit. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat service or support, or contact us online.