Indramat Diagnostic Messages

Good communication is essential. Without proper communication, you lack vital information that you need to take action. This is true of work situations, personal relationships, and even your industrial machinery. One of the great things about Indramat motion control systems is how well they communicate with the user. Indramat diagnostic messages communicate the operational state of the control, and can provide crucial information that can inform the user’s decision making.

Here’s a look at the different types of Indramat diagnostic messages, and what those messages mean.

Error diagnostic messages

Most of these messages start with “F” followed by a 3-digit number.

Your drive controller generates an error diagnostic message when there’s something wrong with your system. The error may be caused by an overheating motor, incorrect parameter values, an issue with the power supply, or some other problem, but it requires immediate attention. The unit may shut down in order to prevent damage.

Warning diagnostic messages

These message start with “E”.

As with the error messages, warning messages indicate that there’s a problem with your system. While a warning may seem less imminent than an error, warning messages shouldn’t be ignored as they often herald an error message. Consider a warning message as a heads up to take care of the problem before it becomes costly and severe.

Command diagnostic messages

Command diagnostic messages start with either “C” or “D”.

This type of diagnostic message may indicate data reading errors, data scaling errors, or homing issues. Fixing a command diagnostic message can be as simple as replacing a cable, or as troublesome as replacing a unit.

Status diagnostic messages

You can recognize a status diagnostic message by the letter “A”.

It’s not all bad news with Indramat diagnostic messages! Status messages simply provide the user with information about the control’s status. Your drive control also displays Operational Status.

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