Indramat DDS Error Code 28

Indramat DDS error 28

Indramat DDS drive error codes look a little different than other EcoDrive faults and errors. Instead of a four-character alphanumeric code, you just get two numbers. If you see the number 28 on your controller’s H1 display, you’re dealing with an excessive deviation fault message.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you with any Indramat fault codes that come your way. Here’s some information to help you understand what that “28” means on your Indramat DDS drive controller H1 status indicator.

Where is the H1 status indicator?

You can find the H1 status indicator on the front of your drive controller. It’s the two-digit display that keeps you in the loop about the performance and status of your drive, controller, cables, conductors, motor, and how your system is performing in general.

Indramat DDS error code 28

This error message indicates excessive deviation. This message appears when the drive cannot follow a given command value. Several issues might cause this error:

  1. The command signal exceeds the drive’s acceleration potential
  2. The axis jammed
  3. Incorrect drive parameters
  4. Incorrect parameters for the S-0-0195 monitoring window
  5. If the main power was cut without the controller enable signal being canceled, there could be an error in the AC servo drive in the common supply module.

How do you clear DDS error 28?

  1. Check the parameter “bipolar torque limit value” and set the the maximum permissible value.
  2. Look for jamming and fix any mechanical issues.
  3. Make sure drive parameters are set to the correct values.
  4. Set correct S-0-0195 parameter
  5. Check your servo drive for other errors.

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