Indramat CLC-D and Batteries

If you’re not that intimate with your Indramat CLC-D, you might not think about its battery. We know this from experience, since we have conversations like this:

“It says ‘Indramat CLC-D’ on it, and it’s not working.”
“How’s the battery?”

So, first things first. Yes, your Indramat CLC-D uses a battery. A 3-volt Lithium button-style battery. The error code for a low battery is E206. If you see this warning, you should replace that battery as fast as possible.

A word of warning

There are some other important things you should know.

Make sure you have a good backup of the system data before you replace your battery. We’re not fooling around on this. Indramat provided a handy list of all the things you can expect to lose if your battery fails:

  • CLC System parameters C-0-xxxx
  • Axis parameters A-0-xxxx
  • Task parameters
  • CLC Cam tables, PLS and PID data
  • Events, I/O Mapper, FieldBus Mapper
  • Points tables, Variables, Zones
  • Downloaded VisualMotion programs

You should also know that the ambient temperature affects battery life length. If your drive is operating at 77 degrees fahrenheit, that’s about 4 years. If you’re running three shifts at 113 degrees, it’ll be more like 3 years. One shift operation at a high temperature? You’ll be lucky to get half that.

If your drive has been in storage for more than a month or two, especially if it’s been in a hot place, go ahead and replace the battery before you get it up and running. Ditto if you bought it used.

We can supply you with the correct battery. Call us now and we’ll take care of it. While you’re at it, save our phone number. If you use legacy Indramat components, you’ll want to have our number on hand for emergencies.