IndraDrive Cs

Indradrive cs

IndraDrive Cs servo drives are the Swiss Army knives of industrial motion control; they are compact and versatile. Call 479-422-0390 for service, repair, or replacement for any of your Indramat motion control products.

IndraDrive Cs offers compact versatility

The beauty of a Swiss Army knife comes from the fact that you have a wide selection of tools combined in a single package. Instead of lugging around an entire tool bag, you can grab your Swiss Army knife, drop it in your pocket, and go. There are two very good reasons that the Swiss military contracted these knives back in 1893 and why they are still made well over a century later; you can’t beat their compact size and versatility.

Compact and versatile are the two words that best sum up IndraDrive Cs servo drives. No other drive can compete with the capabilities of Cs drives for its size. The “Cs” actually stands for, “compact series”, but size is just a small part what makes Cs drives so great.

These drives cover a wide range of applications; this versatility lends itself to increased efficiency and productivity. Here are a few IndraDrive Cs options that provide increased customization.

  • IndraDrive Cs is compatible with several different interfaces. The drives are equipped with ports for SERCOS III, PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCat.
  • Cs drives have easy to read digital inputs and outputs. They also have analog inputs and outputs, which makes them compatible with older systems.
  • Cs drives are compatible with both MSM and MSK motors.
  • IndraDrive Cs servo drives operate at a range of 100 watts to 9 kilowatts.
  • You might think that a drive designed for versatility and customization would be difficult to set up, but that’s not the case. Cs drives are incredibly easy to configure.

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Just like Swiss Army knives, IndraDrive Cs drives aren’t limited to a single function. They are well equipped to perform a wide variety of tasks. When you combine the multifunction capabilities of Cs drives with their convenient and compact size, you get the perfect combination of function and practicality.

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