How to Prevent Indramat Heat Errors

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity that gets you. Well, it’s both when it comes to industrial servo motors. Hot weather can cause a boatload of issues for your Indramat motion control system. Both the temperature and the humidity play their part in causing your servos to overheat or malfunction. Here are a few tips to help prevent Indramat heat errors when the temperature starts to rise.

Check your fans and blowers

It’s absolutely essential that your blowers, fans, and cooling mechanisms are working. You’re rolling out the red carpet for Indramat heat errors without proper cooling.

Follow operating instructions

Moisture can build up any time you’re dealing with different air temperatures. Condensation can build up around your electronics, which – needless to day – is a big problem. Here are a few tips to help prevent condensation build up.

Climate controlled cabinet

The cabinet helps control the temperature around your servos. Maintaining a regular temperature not only helps keep your servos from overheating, but it can help prevent condensation from building up.

Keep your factory cool

You can’t control the weather, but you can – to an extent – control the temperature in your factory. The higher the temperature around your servos, the harder your fans have to work. High workloads increase the likelihood of failure.

Clean your fans and servos

Your servos and fans should be clean. Dust and grime can cause your machinery to work harder than it has to, decrease the efficiency of your machinery, and impede the ability to dissipate heat and ventilate.

Preventive inspection and maintenance

You don’t fix a roof in a rainstorm; you make hay when the sun shines. Apply this principle to your servo motors too. Don’t wait for a heat wave to check your servos.

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