How Important is IoT Security?

The Internet of Things is no longer some far-off concept that might one day come to be. The number of everyday devices in communication with one another continues to grow every day. Our phones, tablets, computers, and cars are all connected. We’re still in the the early stages of IoT, however. Very soon, connected devices will be seamless parts of our daily lives that we take for granted rather than something we find fascinating. We won’t marvel at how we can control the temperature of our homes remotely from mobile devices. Instead, we will expect our thermostats to simply adjust based on our preferences, positioning in the house, and proximity to our homes, and think nothing of it. But as the Internet of Things becomes more integral in our lives, we must consider IoT security.

Security technologist Bruce Schneier discussed IoT security in an interview with NPR. According to Schneier, securing the Internet of Things is even more important than traditional cyber security.

Why is IoT security so important?

Schneier points out that if your computer or phone gets hacked, there’s little threat of physical danger. You may have to dispute credit card charges, change a few passwords, and there’s potential for embarrassment, but your physical safety isn’t at risk.

IoT devices, however, are physical objects that are at risk of being hacked. If these devices aren’t secure, they could pose a physical threat to the people using them. Schneier expresses concern about Internet-connected thermostats and vehicles that if hacked could put people at risk.

While Schneier recognizes the potential threat, he’s still optimistic about IoT technology. He does, however, say that more should be done to ensure the safety of IoT devices.

How could this affect manufacturing?

Manufacturing is just one of the industries poised to make use of IoT technologies. The Industrial Internet of Things is the connected network of industrial devices. We already know that industrial machinery, while incredibly necessary to the manufacturing process, has the potential to harm human workers. That’s why most industrial robots require a barrier between them and workers. Unless IIoT devices are secure, this vulnerability to hacking could increase the potential risk for accidents.

As IoT technology continues to improve, and continues to implemented in our homes and factories, we must consider security. Is your factory ready for Industry 4.0? Call us today for preventative inspection and maintenance or repair for your Indramat motion control system.