How a Growing AI Market Helps Manufacturing

A robust AI market is a sign of good things to come for manufacturers. Advancements in artificial intelligence benefit practically every job sector, but they’re especially good for manufacturing.

The artificial intelligence market continues to grow.

TechCrunch identified some healthy startups in the AI market for 2018. This included a face tracking startup that raised $1 billion Series D – and an additional $2.2 billion in its first year – a robotics startup that raised $820 million Series C, and a biotech startup that raised $400 million Series C. While these are handpicked examples – the cream of the crop – they are by no means exceptional. The benefits of artificial intelligence are far-reaching, and there’s no shortage of investment in AI.

Artificial intelligence is a pretty broad term. It includes lots of different types of technologies. Some focus on machine learning, others aim to improve speech recognition, and still others are centered around getting humans out of the driver’s seat. While AI may include many types of technology, all of these technologies are about automating processes.

How does artificial intelligence benefit manufacturing?

Artificial intelligence is hallmarked by automation. Automation is manufacturing’s secret sauce. Any improvements in automation that can be applied to industrial automation can help maximize productivity, efficient, and profit for manufacturers.

Artificial intelligence benefits manufacturing in many ways:

  • Improve the capabilities of machines and software. AI helps improve pattern recognition, identify inefficiencies, and improve systems and processes to their maximum potentials.
  • Improve quality control. The same type of software that’s used for facial recognition could be used to inspect parts in the factory.
  • Better coordination and communication between factory machines. AI improves the communication throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Decrease downtime through predictive maintenance.
  • Eliminate programming times for new machines. Systems could automatically convert human given tasks to programming.

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