Handling Multiple Indramat Error Codes

One error code is bad enough. Dealing with multiple Indramat error codes is even worse. Discovering an error with your Indramat motion control system is kind of like discovering that there’s a snake in the back seat of your car while you’re driving. There’s fear, panic, and an overwhelming desire to eradicate the problem as quickly as humanly possible. Discovering a bundle of snakes in the back seat of your car only amplifies these emotions.

Here’s some information to help you handle multiple Indramat error codes.

Reading the H1 display

The H1 display shows the drive controller operation status without using a communications interface. It’s a two-character display that shows the four-character Indramat error codes by alternating the two halves of the code.

An F634 Emergency-Stop code, for example, shows up on the H1 display as “F6” followed by “34”. The H1 display continues alternating “F6” and “34” until you clear the fault.

Reading multiple Indramat error codes

If multiple errors plague your system, your H1 display shows all of them. The diagnostic messages are displayed in order of priority; the most pressing message is shown first.

The H1 display shows an error diagnostic message first, followed by a warning diagnostic message, and then a command error.

For example, if you have an F318 error code, an E350 warning, and a C001 message, your H1 display will show the following sequence:

  • “F3” – “18” – “E3” -“50” – “C0” – “01”

The H1 display cycles through all the diagnostic messages until they have been cleared.

Whether you’re facing a single error code or you’ve been putting off fixing those warning errors, we can help restore your system as quickly as possible. We successfully clear Indramat error codes over the phone in most cases, and we can assist with Indramat repairs when your machinery needs a little TLC. Call 479-422-0390 for Immediate Indramat support.