Indramat H1 Status Indicator

Indramat H1 status indicator

Every single part of your Indramat motion control system is important, but some parts are more impressive than others. For example, a whirring little servo motor draws more attention than an unassuming H1 status indicator. However, that Indramat H1 display is every bit as vital as the motor that sets your whole system in motion.

While a servo motor is responsible for the motion in the motion control system, the H1 status indicator is responsible for telling you what’s going on with that system. The H1 indicator on your Indramat drive tells you if something is about to go wrong, or if something already went wrong. It also tells you what you need to do to get your system up an running again as quickly as possible.

Why your Indramat H1 status indicator is important

The H1 display, “serves as an optical display of the diagnostic message on the drive”. You can locate this display on the front of your Indramat drive controller for DDC, DDS, DKS, and MDD servo drives.

Indramat DDS

It displays alphanumeric codes that indicate the system status to the user. The pessimist would say the Indramat H1 status indicator shows error codes. However, it really it displays all diagnostic messages: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The H1 status indicator constantly displays the drive’s operating status. More often than not, the H1 display shows that your system is running smoothly.

However, if you do have a fault in the drive, control, cables, conductors, or motor, this shows up on the H1. Your Indramat H1 status indicator also lets you know about any faulty or invalid parameters, improper use of your system, and any other problems your Indramat system might encounter.

That’s why the H1 indicator is so important.

Imagine that your machines just stop running out of the blue. Without a status indicator, you would be left scratching your head and guessing as to what the problem is. This would result in wasted time and preventable cost.

Instead, you can look at the H1 indicator, find the corresponding fault code in your Indramat manual, identify the problem is, and fix it as quickly as possible.

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