Getting to Know Your Indramat Ecodrive

Indramat DKC type 3

You show up to work every day and so does your Indramat motion control system. You do your job and your servos do theirs. Maybe that’s all you know about your servo drive, and maybe that’s all you care to know about it. However, here’s some information for those interested in getting to know their Indramat Ecodrive a little bit better.

Let’s look at a couple of different Ecodrive drive systems.

DKC01.1-040-7-FW – Type 1, 40 amps

DKC01.3200-7-FW – Type 3, 200 amps

The first number after the decimal for these drives indicates the Type, and the value between the hyphens indicates the power range.

Ecodrive Type 1

Ecodrive Type 1 offered an economical solution for a wide range of industrial motion control applications. Type 1 drive systems were offered as an alternative to DKS servo drives. These drives come in a single power range (40 amps) and two voltages. Ecodrive Type 1 controllers include: DKC01.1, DKC11.1, DKC02.1, and DKC03.1.

You’ll notice that all four drive controllers end with .1. If your DKC drive ends with a .1, it belongs to the Type 1 family.

Ecodrive Type 3

Ecodrive Type 3 built upon the highly successful Ecodrive Type 1 family of controllers. Instead of internal firmware used with Type 1 drives, however, the Type 3 family uses external modules. This means means that firmware and parameters can be swapped from a failed unit to a functioning unit quickly and easily. The Type 3 family comes in 3 power ranges – 40 amps, 100 amps, and 200 amps.

Similarly to the Type 1 Ecodrive family, the Type 3 family ends with a .3. This means that DKCxx.3 indicates a Type 3 Ecodrive.


There is a third type of Ecodrive. Ecodrive Cs is the newest iteration of the Ecodrive family. This type offered a more compact design and comes in a lower power range than Types 1 and 3. These drive controllers are associated more with Rexroth than Indramat, but are a clear continuation of the Indramat Ecodrive line.

Ecodrive drive control systems are economical and versatile. They offer effective motion control for single and multiple axis tasks, and are ideal for assembly systems, handling systems, packaging, printing, and many other applications. Call us today for repair, reman, replacement, or new Indramat Ecodrive units.