Fix a Servo Motor, Save The World

Want to save the world? Start by repairing your Indramat servo motor rather than buying a replacement servo. Maybe it’s a bit of an overstatement to say that fixing your servo motors will save the world, but it’s a part of the bigger picture. We need to change our mentality, and rethink the way we use goods. Instead of throwing something away because it’s broken, we need to repair what we have and get the most out of it.

Making sustainable choices

Maybe you learned about the three Rs in school – reduce, reuse, and recycle – or maybe your children learned about them at school and told you about these rules of sustainable living. As we learn more about our impact on the environment and our responsibility to take care of the world that we live in, we’re upping our number of Rs. There’s still reduce, reuse, and recycle, but now there’s also refuse, rethink, repair, and rebuy.

Sustainability is about reducing the impact that we have on our environment: using fewer resources and sustaining the limited resource that are available to us.

You may feel as though you’re already doing your part. You separate your recycling and you use reusable shopping bags. Maybe you’ve given up using plastic straws. That’s a great start, but sustainability doesn’t apply to individual aspects of your life. Sustainability is more of a mindset that you apply to every area of your life, including how you conduct your business.

Repairing your servos is the sustainable option

You have two main choices when your industrial servo motor stops working: you can try and get it working again, or you can replace it. Replacing servo motors typically means junking them for most manufacturers. If you could repair your servo, you would have done so. Maybe you have a place where you keep old units in case you can salvage a component, but most people don’t want to hoard broken servos and motion control parts.

Repairing your servos, on the other hand, has several advantage:

  • It keeps your servos out of the dump.
  • Repairing Indramat servos saves money longterm.
  • Using your original servos maximizes your ROI.
  • It reduces the amount of resources that your factory consumes.
  • Using your original servos prevents any unforeseen compatibility issues.

Maybe you won’t save the world by repairing your servos,¬†recycling cardboard, or refusing plastic grocery bags. But you will be doing your part to reduce the impact that you have on the environment.

Make the sustainable choice, and let us help you fix your broken Indramat servos. We specialize in Indramat industrial motion control systems. Call 479-422-0390 for Indramat repair, reman, troubleshooting, retrofitting, and any of your Indramat motion control needs. Call for immediate support or contact us online.