Finding Replacement Indramat Parts

Indramat CLC-D

You have to be careful when searching for replacement Indramat parts. Indramat products are legacy, meaning that they are no longer manufactured new. However, Indramat didn’t sell parts to third parties even while they were manufactured and in good supply. Most third parties selling parts for Indramat servos, drives, and controls are unable to offer new, never-used parts.

Be scrupulous

Rexroth absorbed Indramat at the turn of the century, and while Bosch Rexroth still services Indramat servos, drives, and controls, motion control products bearing the Indramat stamp are no longer manufactured. Every single original Indramat part that will ever be made existed in 2001. This means that as parts break down, the supply dwindles. It’s especially important to maintain and refurbish legacy parts because you won’t get them back again once they’re discarded.

Ceased production isn’t the only hurdle for finding Indramat replacement parts. Indramat never provided third parties with parts. Bosch Rexroth maintains this policy today, and they do not distribute authentic Indramat parts. This allows Rexroth to control the quality and ensure the reputation of all Indramat products.

If you find replacement Indramat parts for sale online, they were most likely salvaged. Maybe the seller ripped the best looking parts out of some defective servo motors, or maybe they found a decent box of parts in a back room or a box truck. The condition and the quality of the part may be suspect.

You don’t know if the component is in good condition, or how it was used. This means that the part could fail, which puts your machinery at risk of downtime and your employees at risk of injury.

Avoid risk, go with a factory repair

You might strike gold and get a decent part from a third party. It might work like a charm and keep your system running for years to come. However, you might get a dud, break your machinery, risk your workers’ safety, and be on your own to deal with the fallout.

The safer, more reliable, and more affordable option is factory repair. An Indramat factory repair is the best option when you need to service Indramat motion control products. Call 479-422-0390 to set up a factory repair with 24-hour turnaround.