Finding a Replacement Indramat Power Supply

If your power supply stops working, your motion control system stops with it. The trouble is that they don’t make Indramat power supply modules anymore. None of the controls, servo motors, or drives are made with the Indramat stamp anymore, for that matter; they’re all legacy products. This means that finding the right replacement part for your Indramat motion control system can be a challenge. Here’s what you need to know when looking for a replacement Indramat power supply.

Indramat didn’t go through third parties.

Indramat never sold parts to third parties, so third parties don’t have access to authentic Indramat parts. This means refurbished units from third parties could look good on the outside but have some nasty, and expensive, surprises on the inside.

Are you getting the right part?

Sometimes people don’t really know what they have. They’re resellers rather than Indramat experts. Maybe you’re looking for a TVD 1.3-08-03 power supply and they send you a TVD 1.2-08-03 because they don’t realize there’s a difference between the two.

What condition is the unit in? Is the power supply in good condition? How was it used? Did it fail? Was the unit repaired? Did they used solder and generic parts for the repair? They say it’s never been used, but how was it stored? Maybe the third party selling Indramat products keeps their inventory in a warehouse or storage unit without air conditioning. Maybe it leaks during rainstorms or gets a little damp during hot weather.It’s difficult to be confident in a part with a questionable history.

Is your power supply actually defective?

You can save yourself a lot of time, money, effort, and stress by checking for a couple of issues before trying to replace your power supply. Bad cables and blown fuses can cause your power supply to stop working; they’re also relatively easy to fix. Check your fuse and cables before you look for a replacement Indramat power supply.

Have you considered a repair?

While we carry replacement Indramat power supply modules, we also offer Indramat factory repair services. We can arrange a factory repair that will restore your power supply module to like new condition by the trained technicians at Bosch Rexroth.

We can send you a replacement module to keep your system running while your power supply module is repaired. Indramat’s modular design allows you to replace your Indramat power supply without the need for reconfiguration.

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