Indramat F383 Error: Line Voltage Fault

Indramat F383 error

When you see an F383 error or any other Indramat error code, the only thing on your mind should be fixing the problem as quickly as possible. Professional support is the fastest, most reliable, and most economical way to clear an Indramat error code; call 479-422-0390 for emergency Indramat support. We can help you clear your error codes and get your system running again ASAP.

The more information about your system that you can provide an Indramat service professional, the more efficient the service will be. If you know the type code and firmware for every part of your system, make sure you have it ready. At the very least, you should be able to provide the service professional with the diagnostic number, or error code, that brought your system to a halt.

We’ll use an Indramat F383 error as an example.

F383 Line Voltage Fault

The first thing you should do when confronted with an error code is identify the error. You can do this by checking the H1 display on the back of your drive controller.. The H1 display shows the diagnostic number or operating status of your motion control system.

With an F383 error, or Line Voltage Fault, the H1 display alternates between “F3” and “83”. In this example, “F383” is the diagnosis number and “Line Voltage Fault” is the diagnostic text.

An F383 line voltage error only applies to HVR power supply modules.

This error occurs when the mains voltage exceeds the maximum allowable tolerance. To fix the issue, the Indramat manual recommends checking the mains voltage and using a matching transformer.

Call 479-422-0390 for any of your Indramat errors

Indramat errors come in a variety of flavors. Indramat error codes starting with an “F” typically indicate an error state. The severity can range from non-fatal (F2xx) to fatal (F8xx). In other words, an error code starting with F2 is not good, and a code starting with F8 is quite bad.

Even though many different things can cause Indramat errors, the solution is the same for all of them; call us for emergency support.

Sometimes you can fix Indramat error codes yourself, but that’s not always the case. Many faults require professional assistance from knowledge Indramat experts. Indramat professionals can quickly walk you through in-house troubleshooting and fast-track a factory repair on-site support.

Identify the fault code on your H1 display and give us a call today at 479-422-0390.