Factory Safety Tips, Indramat Style

You can’t stress factory safety enough. While automation increases worker safety in a lot of ways – removing workers from dangerous work environments, preventing repetitive motion injuries, etc. – factory machinery can also pose risks to worker safety. That’s why it’s so important to follow proper safety guidelines for factory machinery.

Here are some general safety tips from an Indramat DDS drive control project planning manual. This information is meant to improve safety and decrease the risk of injury when installing or operating Indramat  systems.

Safety Tips from Indramat

Observe safety guidelines at all time.

Properly train workers to install, service, and operate machinery.

Proper installation is necessary to prevent injuries.

Only use spare parts approved by the manufacturer. Never use incorrect components as this can damage your machinery and harm employees.

Make sure that all electrical units are properly grounded, and do not use any part of the system if it’s not grounded. The manual repeatedly emphasizes the need to ground your system.

Completely disconnect electrical parts from power sources before working on them.

Wait at least 5 minutes after disconnecting power to work on equipment.

Never connect power while live parts are exposed.

Double check velocity commands to prevent dangerous movements.

Make sure wiring is correct, and test cables.

Stay behind protective barriers and stay clear of machines that are in use.

Protective barriers must be strong enough to withstand dangerous movements.

Emergency stop switches must be easy to reach.

Wait until servos completely stop before entering danger zone.

Cut power before doing maintenance, repairs, cleaning, or during long breaks in operation.

Use the appropriate tools when installing components.

Wear safety equipment.

Never stand under suspended loads.

Keep a clean work area, and clean up spills to prevent slipping.

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