Indrmat Error Code F220

Indramat Error F220

Indramat error code F220 is one of the most common faults for Indramat systems. This is the diagnostic message for a Bleeder Overtemperature Shut Down. As with other F error codes, an F220 error results in your drive shutting down.

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Here’s some information to help you understand what causes Indramat error code F220.

What is an F220 error?

A Bleeder Overtemperature Shut Down means that the drive’s built in brake resistance has been overloaded. Instead of plugging away as if everything is just fine and dandy, the drive shuts down to prevent thermal damage to the bleeder.

This shutdown occurs after the maximum braking energy has been exceeded.

While a shutdown is inconvenient for you, it is an important fail safe that helps protect your machinery. Indramat drives often shutdown to prevent damage to the drive, motor, or other important component.

Of course, these shutdowns don’t happen out of the blue. Indramat drives prompt a warning message before the point of failure. This give the operator ample to make repairs or adjustments.

What causes an Indramat F220 error code?

Your system generates this message if the returned energy of the machinery exceeds the capabilities of the motor. The reasons why this reflected energy is too high depends on a number of factors, and fixing the error depends on the cause of the problem.

  • Ensure proper installation of the drive.
  • If there’s too much power, you can reduce the acceleration values.
  • If there’s too much energy, you can reduce the velocity values.
  • You may have to install another bleeder module to resolve this error.

Consult your Indramat troubleshooting guide to see the list of causes and remedial actions for any error code. We can provide you with a replacement manual for your Indramat motion control products.

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Indramat parts and components are typically low maintenance. If you perform your routine maintenance and inspection, you will rarely have any issues with Indramat systems.

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