E281 or F281: Still a Mains Fault

When Indramat components have a problem, they let you know by showing you an error code. What if you’re seeing E281 or F281? Both are mains faults.

E281 tells you there is an error in the mains and your drive controller is not getting the juice it needs.

Check your power supply connection.

F281 says there was no power for at least three power cycles, so the drive controller stopped.

Check the power supply connection.

Either way, the power supply connection is the most likely problem.

What are the mains?

This is primarily a British term. In the U.S., we’re more likely to say “power” or “electricity.” In England, the main source of utilities — usually electricity, but it could be gas or water — can be the mains.

More narrowly, if you have a problem in the mains, your device is not getting any electricity.

What’s a mains fault?

Maybe your device is not plugged in. It sounds obvious, but cables can get kicked and moved and pushed around over the years. It’s possible that the cable from the controller to the power supply or from the power supply to the wall’s electrical outlet got unplugged.

Maybe the cable or plug is broken. If some part of the cable that connects your drive controller to the power source has perished, split, or corroded, you might not be getting the power you need.

Maybe your electricity is dirty. That is, the voltage varies more than it should.

Any of these problems can lead to E281 or F281 errors.

The difference between E281 and F281

E error codes are warnings. Something bad is happening and you should find out about it and fix it. F error codes are failures. In the case of E281 and F281, F281 means that the power didn’t cut out for just a second and make the controller worry. It actually stopped, so the controller also stopped.

Either way, once you’ve checked your connection you have probably found and fixed your problem. Get the connection solidly connected, clear the fault, and move on.

If that doesn’t do the trick, call us at (479) 422-0390 and we will help you with your problem.