Drones Are Anything But Boring

Imagine that you are trapped in a conversation about rocks with your neighbor. Not striations, or veins, or mineral deposits, or any of the things that could be remotely interesting, but about how your neighbor has a lot of rocks in his yard. And how he tries to remove the rocks from his yard, but there always seem to be more rocks. And about how he’s trying to think of ways to get the rocks out of his yard, but he hasn’t figureD anything out yet. And why he hates rocks, and so on, and so on, and so on.

You’d be inclined to say that he’s droning on, and you might also be inclined to never talk to him again.

There’s a bit of irony in the fact that a word used to describe a dull, monotonous monologue is also the term used to describe a fascinating and exciting rapidly advancing technology.

Drones are being used in a number of different fields for a number of different purposes, and the current interest in drones is causing the research and technology to improve at an incredible rate.

The IEEE Robotics Conference usually gives consumers a glimpse at the future of robotics. A promotional video for the conference highlights some of the new technologies that are being applied to drones.

The ability to walk and to pick up items in flight are exciting new advancements in drone technology, and while these innovations might not seem like much at the moment, they can potentially pave the way for some truly incredible applications in the future.

The future of drones is an important question to address.

For example, retailers like Walmart have expressed interest in testing drone home delivery, and Amazon is doing what it can to promote Amazon Prime Air before it even exists (they claim that you will be able to receive packages weighing under 5 pounds in 30 minutes after you’ve placed your order). One of the big obstacles for these retailers, however, is regulation issues.

Of course there’s a lot of controversy concerning drones and safety as well. The U.N. recently decided to meet and discuss regulations for unmanned weapons aka drones.

Of course the drones used by the military are different from the drones that will be used by retailers, which will probably be different from the drones that consumers can buy (and may one day have delivered to their house by a drone). This is why regulation is such a tricky and important issue.

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