Indramat’s modular design makes it easy to switch out and replace your DDS02.1-W050-D drive. Whether you need to repair your drive, or you need to replace it altogether, DDS02.1-W050-D Indramat drives can be popped out, plugged, in, and seamlessly swapped.

The DDS drive controller series is designed to operate with MDD, MKD, and LAR AC servo motors. These systems offer needle-eyed precision with rapid responsiveness. This makes DDS02.1-W050-D drives ideal for handling machines, packaging, printing, robotics, and machine tooling applications. DDS drives may be stacked with multiple drives running off the same power supply modules or modules.

Indramat components are known for their reliability and longevity, which means that they don’t usually break down. Your DDS02.1-W050-D drive may need some attention from time to time, however. This is where Indramat’s plug-and-play usability shines through. Servicing your Indramat drives and components is a fairly simple process.

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Call us when you need Indramat support. We streamline the repair and replacement processes, which means less downtime for you. We can diagnose your Indramat problems, troubleshoot error codes, facilitate Indramat factory repair and reman, and supply you with replacement units with speed and professionalism.

Indramat legacy components can be difficult to track down. The units that you find from most third parties may have questionable or unknown histories. A factory repair or a remanufacture are always your best options when your DDS02.1-W050-D drive controller fails.

Factory repair and reman are performed by the specialists at Bosch Rexroth, the company that absorbed Indramat. These technicians specialize in Indramat motion control systems, they have access to original manufacturer parts, they test the units to original factory specifications, and they provide a new factory warranty for your unit. This is something that a third party repair simply does not provide.

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