Does It Make Sense to Plan for Problems Yet to Be?

Anxiety is a feeling of worry or fear about something that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe you stress about breaking bad news to someone, going into a big job interview, or giving a speech in front of a crowd. Perhaps you stress about your Indramat servos breaking down, but they continue running strong. You play through different scenarios in your head about all of the things that might go horribly and catastrophically wrong.

The thing about worrying and stressing over things that haven’t happened yet is that they may never happen. Rationally, it doesn’t make sense to torment yourself over something that quite possibly never happen. However, there are times when it still makes sense to plan for problems that haven’t yet occurred.

Fear vs. planning

Should you come up with solutions for problems that don’t exist and may never exist? There’s a difference in fearing or fretting about things that might happen and planning for the future. Sometimes it makes sense to wait for problems before trying to fix them, but this isn’t true for all things.

So how can you determine whether the future problem — a problem that may or may not actually occur — is worth planning for?

  • Look at the problem
  • Think about the possible outcomes
  • Consider the likelihood
  • Look at what’s involved to prepare for, or prevent, those problems

Planning for Indramat error codes

Indramat faults and error codes can shut down your entire motion control system. That’s a pretty big problem, especially when you consider that mere minutes can cost your business thousands of dollars. It’s pretty likely that neglecting your factory machinery will eventually lead to error codes. The older your system gets, and the longer it’s been since you serviced your machinery, the higher the risk for unscheduled downtime.

Routine maintenance and inspection is easier, cheaper, and less troublesome than scrambling to find an Indramat repair shop when your system shuts down.

It makes sense to plan for Indramat error codes. We offer preventive inspection, maintenance, repair, and service for Indramat industrial motion control products. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support.