Does Indramat Sell Components to Third Parties?

After decades of reliable service your Indramat servo motor finally stopped working. The rest of your system is in good condition, so you decide to simply find a replacement Indramat motor. Indramat, or more accurately Bosch Rexroth, does not sell components to third parties, however. So how do you find new Indramat components?

Why doesn’t Indramat sell components to third parties?

It’s good to know why Bosch Rexroth doesn’t provide third party repair shops with factory components. It’s not that they’re just being stingy.

Indramat motion control systems are known for quality and reliability. Having complete control over the products makes it easier to maintain this reputation.

Another reason is that Indramat components are all legacy products. They’re not manufactured anymore, and the supply is limited.

So what do I do about my busted motor?

While your first thought may be to replace your broken servo motor, that’s not necessarily the best option. Indramat factory repair restores your components to like new condition.

Consider a factory repair instead of trying to find a new motor. Factor repair is fast – we offer Indramat factory repair services with 24-hour turnaround – and it’s effective. A factory repair means that your motor is repaired using genuine Indramat parts, and your unit often comes back to you with a new warranty.

While an Indramat factory repair is fast, the thought of 24 hours of downtime may still make you cringe. We have the nation’s largest supply of emergency replacement units on hand and we have charter aircraft available to get thee units to you as quickly as possible. This means that your system can keep running while you wait for your factory repair.

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Does Indramat sell components to third parties? No. Fortunately, a factory repair is a better option. Call now for Indramat emergencies, or contact us online for your less urgent Indramat needs.