Is Indramat Repair Worth It?

Is Indramat Repair Worth It?

Is Indramat repair worth it? The answer depends on the question you are really asking. “Can I repair my Indramat items myself to save a few bucks?” “Is it still cost-effective to run my legacy Indramat system?” These questions yield different answers.

There are numerous reasons you should repair items rather than replace them. Making repairs prevents waste, it saves money, and it benefits the environment. The more expensive the item, the more reason you have to repair it rather than replace it.

Industrial motion control systems are one of those items costly enough that you should look to repair as much as possible before junking it and buying a new one.

It’s better to repair your Indramat machinery than to replace it prematurely.

Indramat products are unrivaled when it comes to longevity. Every machine has a finite lifespan, though. Your servo motor or drive will wear down at some point in time, no matter how well made it is.

You can significantly extend the life of your motion control system, however.

Repairing a servo is cheaper than completely replacing an entire motion control system. An effective repair also helps make sure that you get the maximum return out of your investment. Prematurely replacing your industrial machinery is like burning money.

Can you repair your own Indramat products?

While you can troubleshoot a number of Indramat error codes in house, you can’t perform actual repairs on your own Indramat products. In fact, Indramat drives, controls, motors, power supplies, etc. are not designed to be repaired or serviced in situ.

The only way to get a proper repair is by sending your unit in to the factory for a factory repair or a REMAN.

What about third party repair?

People might look to a third party Indramat repair shop to save some money. This rarely ends well, however.

Even people who have worked on motion control systems before might not have the expertise for your specific machinery. Yet, they still take the job and handle your repairs with solder and a sincere effort.

Shoddy repairs can actually lead to more expensive problems down the line. We often get calls from people who need us to not only fix the problem the third party couldn’t fix, but also the additional damage to the servo that was caused by the slipshod repair. Sometimes we can save the day, and sometime we have to inform them that the insufficient repair rendered their unit beyond repair.

Industrial motion control relies on precision, so you need a specialist to make your repairs. Third-party repair shops don’t have access to Indramat parts or products, so they just can’t do the job.

Is Indramat repair worth it? Yes, if it’s done properly.

Indramat repair is worth it in the sense that it is a cost-effective way to maximize the return on your initial investment. However, you should not attempt DIY repairs or trust a third-party to repair your Indramat system.

Factory repair can keep your system running smoothly for years to come. Indramat may no longer exist as a company, but the company that owns the brand — Bosch Rexroth — still supports most Indramat components.

We can arrange factory repair or Indramat REMAN services that will get your machinery back to you in factory-new shape: often with a new warranty.

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