Do We Want Robots to Be Dangerous?

It sometimes seems as though people want robots to be dangerous. Obviously, you don’t want dangerous robots in your factory. Industrial machines are meant to make work easier, more efficient, and safer for humans. However, people keep pushing the idea that robots are dangerous, or that they will soon be dangerous, even though modern industrial robots have been used safely in factories for decades.

Are these genuine concerns about the potential dangers of robots or fuel for a frenzy?

Let’s talk robots

People often discuss robots in a way that makes it seem like they want something bad to happen. As if robots could somehow go rogue and revolt against the humans that made them.

Industrial robots are safe, and they have been for some time. However, people constantly warn about the dangers of robots.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration data, industrial robots have only accounted for 33 workplace deaths and injuries during the past 30 years. It’s wasn’t that these robots plotted, planned, and waited for their opportunity. They weren’t being used properly.

Are people genuinely afraid? Is there some part of people that wants to see a real life Terminator situation? Maybe scary robot talk is a result of the fact that a headline that reads, “Robots Will Kill You Then Take Your Job” attracts more interest than, “Industrial Robots Continue to Safely Benefit Manufacturing”.

Robots aren’t all alike

It’s important to distinguish between the different types of robots. A robot isn’t a robot isn’t a robot. Military robots are different from industrial robots, which are different from cobots, which are different from the robots you might find in your home.

It makes sense to raise concerns about the potential dangers to humans when talking about killer robots. However, you won’t install military robots in your packaging facility.

Artificial intelligence

AI changes the game with robotics. No longer are robots just machines that mindlessly perform a programmed task until they break down or are told do something different.Machines are getting smart,er more responsive, and more capable through the use of artificial intelligence.

There are new concerns that connected machines are easier to hack into, and that they could be programmed to harm people or damage machinery. There’s also the still very sci-fi fear that unless AI is properly regulated we could be looking at a Terminator-esque rebelling robots situation.

Keeping industrial robots safe

The potential for dangerous robots is there, but only if we want robots to be dangerous. Military robots are dangerous, but that’s because that’s what they’re designed to be. Industrial robots are meant to make our lives better not worse.

Industrial robots prevent strains, sprains, and repetitive motion injuries. They keep people out of dangerous work situations rather than create dangerous work environment.

Right now, industrial robots are safe if they are used correctly, and if they are working properly.

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