Do Manufacturers Need to Worry About Cyber Security?

The Industrial Internet of Things is a fundamental part of Industry 4.0. Connected devices, machines, and robots are going to push the boundaries of manufacturing, and change industry as we know it. Instead of cranking out as much product as possible — or basing production on educated guesses — manufacturers will use data to make informed, strategic decisions about production. This is going to increase efficiency, eliminate waste, increase profits, and improve the customer experience. Of course, increased connectivity creates potential security risks.

The Internet of Things is expanding

You hear about IoT devices getting hacked on a regular basis. Hackers can tamper with your home thermostat, kill your car on the highway, or even fiddle with your medically implanted insulin pump. That’s not to say that these things will happen to you, but they could. Any device that’s connected to the cloud could potentially get hacked.

The number of connected devices grows every day, which is why there’s increasing concern about cyber security among consumers. It’s not just consumers who are worried, however.

IIoT creates cyber security risks in manufacturing

As connected devices and smart factories become standard in industry, it makes sense for manufacturers and plant owners to worry about cyber security risks. Last year, IBM reported that manufacturing was the second most targeted industry for cyber attacks.

It doesn’t make sense to think of hacking as a trend that’s going to die down soon. Our lives are becoming increasingly digital. Technology is getting better, cheaper, and faster than ever. Criminals notice this just as much as honest folk.

The more connected your factory, the higher the risk for cyber security threats. However, many manufacturers agree that the benefits of Industry 4.0 and IIoT technologies outweigh the cyber security risks.

It’s important to consider security as you gear up for the next chapter in manufacturing. Of course, it’s also necessary to ensure that your machinery works like it should. Contact us today for any repair or service on your Indramat servos, drives, or motors!