Do I Need a Factory Repair?

Indramat factory repairs are performed by the experts at Bosch Rexroth. If you want a factory repair or reman, you must send your unit in. These repairs are not performed in the field. Maybe you don’t want to send your unit in, or maybe you only need a minor repair. We offer Indramat field repairs, and have charter flights available to get to your factory as quickly as possible.

Factory repair is effective, but it’s not always necessary

There’s no doubt that an Indramat factory repair or a remanufacture are the most complete and thorough ways to restore your Indramat products.

That does not mean, however, that factory repairs or remans are always the best option for you. We successfully troubleshoot Indramat error codes directly over the phone in most cases, and there are several Indramat repairs that can be done in the field.

Unfortunately, it may be difficult to know just how serious your problem is unless you have a fairly thorough knowledge of Indramat motion control systems.

Call us as soon as you see a problem

The quickest way to get your Indramat system up and running again is by calling 479-422-0390. Calling us gets you on the fast track to restoring your machinery, whatever your problem may be.

If it’s a simple matter of clearing an error code, we can help you then and there. If it turns out that you need on-site support for your Indramat system, we can fly to you immediately.

Of course, we can also facilitate an Indramat factory repair or reman if that’s what your unit requires. We offer factory repair services with 24-hour turnaround, and we can provide you with an emergency replacement unit to keep your system running while you wait.

Call us at 479-422-0390 for immediate support, or contact us online.