The Dirt on Indramat Servo Motors

Overheating is a common problem with Indramat servo motors — at least, to the extent that any problem can be called common with these nearly indestructible workhorses. Indramat servos were built to take a beating. These motors do have a surprising weakness, however: dirt. Buildup of dirt and grime can cause Indramat servo motors to overheat.

Dirt can ruin Indramat servo motors

A sealed cabinet helps prevent the problem of dirty servos, but we’ve seen our fair share of Indramat systems operating without a working climate control cabinet. Instead, a strategically placed box fan pummels the servos with air from the factory floor.

The trouble is that many factories are just naturally dirty places, and it’s easy to end up with enough dirt in your servomotor to cause overheating.

Excess dirt and grime hamstrings a servo motor’s ability to dissipate heat. It’s kind of like going for a run with extra layers on. Each layer of dirt on your servo motor is like putting on another sweater before lacing up for a 5K.

While your servos can get filthy fast, it’s not as easy to clean the motor and get back to work.

Cleaning dirty Indramat servos

A little dust on a well maintained servo motor isn’t going to cause a system shutdown. However, blasting your servos with factory air through a box fan can quickly cake your servos.

You must disconnect the motor from all electric sources before it can be disassembled and cleaned. It then must be reassembled before being returned to its place. You’re looking at a significant amount of downtime.

Here’s the kicker — you can’t do this in your factory.

Indramat servo motors must go back to the factory for service and repair.

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Delaying a repair only makes problems worse and adds additional expense. If your cabinet stops working, replace it right away. If your servos start generating overheating warnings, address the issue before it causes preventable downtime.

Indramat professionals quickly diagnose and troubleshoot whatever ails your Indramat system. An Indramat factory repair restores your motor and in many cases provides you with a new factory warranty. This is your best option for Indramat motor repair.

Rexroth, the company that now owns Indramat, doesn’t sell parts for Indramat servo motors to any third party.

Where do the third party shops that advertise that they fix Indramat components get their parts? They’ve cannibalized them from old motors, or they’re using something similar but not quite right.

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