Dare to Repair

There was a time when people had to fix, mend, or repair what they owned. If something wiggled, jiggled, clanked, or dragged when it wasn’t supposed to, you had to identify the problem and fix it.

If you developed a hole in your sock, you’d darn it. If  your boot started separating, you’d have to cobble it. That was before industrial automation made material goods abundant and readily available, however.

A throw-away mentality

Today, if something breaks you can just buy a new one. Sometimes the cost and time involved to repair something makes buying a replacement the obvious choice. But more often than not, people discard their old or broken items for new ones because that’s what we’ve grown accustomed to.

There are still plenty of things that you can’t just dump at the first sign of wear, however. Big, expensive items – such as vehicles, appliances, furniture, buildings, machinery, etc. – must be repaired. The cost is too high, and the waste too great, to justify replacing these goods prematurely.

Industrial motion control systems – servo motors, drives, controls, etc. – are among this list of goods that you can’t simply trash. This goes without saying, though. No one sees an Indramat drive error code and starts looking to buy a new Indramat system.

Your aging Indramat system

You, of course, realize that your machinery isn’t disposable. However, many Indramat systems are pushing 20, 30, or 40 years of service, and you might be thinking that it’s time to replace your motion control system.

After all, your system had a good run, it’s a legacy system now, and you made a good return on your investment. You installed your Indramat servos back in the 80’s, and maybe it’s time to upgrade.

That’s a perfectly fine option. It’s an expensive option, but a fine option. You don’t necessarily need to replace your servos, though.

Dare to repair your Indramat system

Indramat factory repair and Indramat reman will keep your servos running like new. If your current system meets the current needs of your business, there’s no sense in upgrading to a new motion control system.

Indramat repair can add years to the life of your machinery, giving you some breathing space between now and the time that it actually makes sense to upgrade your machinery.

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