Coming Soon: A Robot Unicorn


There have been robots in the form of dogs, baby seals, and hedgehogs, so why not unicorns?

A Chinese maker is planning to bring a rideable robot unicorn to market…someday.

Xpeng Robotics

Xpeng Robotics, the maker, is a division of XPeng car makers. It takes advantage of XPeng’s experience with navigation to travel safely across different kinds of terrain. It also provides emotional connection between unicorn and rider, responding to speech and to body language.

Or it will do so. The trailer for the World Premiere of the Robotic Unicorn is mostly a cartoon.

Xpeng makes autonomous vehicles, though, and — like Hyundai and Toyota — styles itself a mobility company rather than a car company. The XPeng P-7 is set to enter the European market, having gotten a 5-star safety rating in China.

Their factory is an Industry 4.0 facility, of course.

Pre-order for Christmas?

Actually, Xpeng has not given any hint of when they expect to have a robotic unicorn available to inspect, let alone to buy. It’s video set in the Land of Giant Mushrooms makes it seem downright mythical.

We will watch it with interest, however.

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