Indramat Error Code F248

No one likes seeing an Indramat error code, F248 or otherwise. Staring at an “E” or “F” followed by a string of numbers is like your nemesis (people have nemeses right?) showing up at your house and saying, “I have a surprise for you.”

You’re not sure what it is, but you have the feeling that you’re not going to like it. Error codes mean downtime, which means loss in productivity, loss in profit, and extra expense. They also come with added stress, especially when you don’t even know what the error code means.

Understanding what causes an error code and how to clear that error can help relieve some of that stress. Here’s a look at Indramat error code F248.

What causes Indramat error code F248?

Indramat error code F248 is a low battery voltage warning. MKD motors store absolute position information in battery-backed electronics located in the motor feedback. MKD motors use burly little batteries, but even the toughest batteries need changing over time. An MKD battery typically lasts 10 years before it is depleted.

The F248 error code pop sup when the battery voltage falls below 2.8 volts. You must replace the battery as soon as you see this message. Once the battery drops below 2.8 volts, the absolute encoder function is only guaranteed to work for another two weeks.

Failing to replace the battery in time means lost information, which means downtime. An F248 message heralds the possibility for errors in motion control that can result in mechanical damage. The best way to avoid this is to replace the battery as soon as possible.

Replacing your Indramat battery

You need a size 10 Torx screwdriver, wrench, torque keys, and a new battery (part number 257101). Shut off the power when replacing the battery, and make sure that the power won’t accidentally be switched back on. Note that if the control voltage is switched off when you remove the old battery, the absolute dimension will be lost, and will have to be re-established.

We’ve got the batteries you need, and we can walk you through the process if you need it. When you need support with Indramat systems, 479-422-0390 is the only number you need to call. We can clear most faults and errors with telephone support, and we answer your calls 24/7. Call today or contact us online.