Automation Makes Teatime Easy

It’s hard to peg down the greatest benefit of automation. Increased speed and productivity are certainly up there at the top of the list, and improved safety for humans can’t be ignored. But of all the numerous advantages that automation has to offer, one stands out as being the most easily appreciated. Automation makes our lives easier, and that’s something that anyone can appreciate.

Facilitating our lives isn’t the most noteworthy benefit of automation, and it’s definitely not the most important. But it is one of the easiest benefits to notice. A consumer won’t necessarily appreciate how many televisions a production line cranks out thanks to automation. He will be oblivious to just how much safer industrial machines make a factory. But he will appreciate that he can use a sleep timer when he’s dozing off watching late night TV shows (a very basic form of automation).

Sometimes we use automation for frivolous things, like a sleep timer on our television sets, or an automated tea steeper. Who would have ever thought that something as simple as making tea would ever be automated? Boiling water isn’t exactly a grueling task, and steeping a tea bag is by no means dangerous. But automation sure is convenient, so why not do it, right?

Of course, automation isn’t just for dipping tea bags. Automation is used for some very important things as well.

Manufacturing would not be what is is today were it not for industrial automation. It has made manufacturing faster, more efficient, more precise, safer, and all around better. Automation has also made manufacturing jobs easier for people.

You can imagine the people who used to work on production lines before the days of automation. They did all the heavy lifting, and did the same repetitive tasks over and over all day long. You know that they were thrilled once that first industrial motion control system arrived, and all they had to do was make sure that the machines were running properly.

That’s a gross oversimplification of manufacturing work, but the truth is that servos and automation have revolutionized manufacturing. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your machinery is running as optimally as possible. Give us a call for any of your Indramat service or repair needs!