Authorized Indramat Resellers?

Indramat was established in 1958 and quickly became the go-to supplier for world-class motion control systems.  Rexroth acquired Indramat in 1965. By the end of the century, they were no longer a separate company; they became the electric drives division of Bosch Rexroth in 2001.

So nowadays, if you look for Indramat, you’ll find that they no longer exist as a separate company. However, they are still the Electric Drives and Controls Division of Bosch Rexroth. New products from Bosch Rexroth have names like Indradrive, honoring their Indramat heritage.

When you need Indramat service

Many of our clients come to us this way: they track a problem down to a cabinet with a device in it which bears the mysterious label “Indramat” or maybe “Rexroth Indramat.” Turning to Google, they find us.

We provide factory service and reman for Indramat products. That means repair and reman at the Bosch Rexroth factory.

We also have the nation’s largest selection of Indramat components in stick. Those are factory remanufactured components, not used machinery that we’ve cobbled together.

We provide solutions to your Indramat service and support needs fast, with expertise and exceptional service.

What about those authorized dealers?

Here’s what Bosch Rexroth says at their website: “Bosch Rexroth is the only authorized source for factory-certified service.” They continue to explain that they are the only source for parts. They don’t sell parts to third-party repair services, they don’t provide them with specs, and they don’t white label their repairs for third party services, either.

So why are you seeing companies claiming to be authorized dealers, resellers, or repair services for Indramat?

The technical term for those claims is “lie.”

When you receive an emergency replacement unit from us, it will arrive in a Rexroth Bosch box, from the Rexroth Bosch factory. That is, the factory that is still the only authorized source for Indramat components, parts, and repairs.

That gives you peace of mind.

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