Are You a Risk Taker?

We ran into this question on a forum:

I need some advice on a questionable deal I came across. There’s a Rexroth Indramat motor and drive combo being sold online at an unbelievably low price, supposedly after professional repair. However, the seller is vague about the repair process and the expertise of their team. They don’t offer any warranty or return policy, making me hesitant to trust the purchase. Reviews online are mixed, with some claiming success and others reporting early failures. I’m torn between the tempting bargain and the potential risks.
What do you guys think? Should I take the chance or play it safe and invest in a more reliable option?

Snagging a high-quality Rexroth Indramat motor and drive combo at a drastically low price sounds very tempting, but the red flags surrounding the deal raise valid concerns. We’re happy to share our advice.

A vague repair process

We’re Indramat experts, with decades of experience, so we can say with confidence that there is only one repair process you should even consider: factory repair.

Indramat is no longer in existence as a separate company. Rexroth acquired Indramat in the 20th century, using it as the electric motion control arm of their company. There are current Rexroth products that use the “Indra-” prefix in honor of Indramat heritage.

And fortunately, Rexroth will still repair many Indramat components in their factory. They use the original specs, original parts or the most current equivalents, and their own experts. A repair or reman from the factory gives you a like-new component. If you ask about the repair process and the expertise of the team doing the repairs, you should accept only one answer: factory repair by Rexroth.

Third party repairs are unreliable by their very nature. The third-party technicians, however skilled they may be, will not have access to the original parts. Are they skilled? If they’re vague, they probably aren’t.

No warranty

Factory-repaired Indramat units come back to you with a new warranty. Why would you even consider trading with someone who doesn’t offer one? The lack of warranty, return policy, and transparency about the repair process are substantial risks.

Consider how comfortable you are dealing with these uncertainties. Are you a skydiver? Do you spend your weekends ice climbing?Are you sue you want to bring that attitude into your manufacturing facility?

Mixed reviews

They say you can’t please everyone, and mixed reviews are normal. But what are those reviews really telling you? Did the purchased item work fine…for a while? Did the purchaser just neglect to come back after the item failed? Were the positive reviews referring to Indramat components or to other kinds of machinery? Do any of the reviews tell how the company responds when there are problems?

Read between the lines and see if you can get a feeling for how they stand behind their work…or don’t.

Think about the outcome

We’ve worked with clients who tried out a possible bargain from Bob’s Fresh Bait and Servo Repair before they came to us for reliable factory repair. They ended up paying for factory repair…and they had already paid for something else.

Rexroth Indramat is known for its reliability, but a faulty repair could compromise it considerably. Investing in a reliable option, even if it means spending more, offers long-term peace of mind. It usually also costs less in the long run. Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance from Indramat experts.