Are Factory Robots Dangerous?

You occasionally hear about a factory robot injuring a worker. A worker loses a finger, or is struck by a robotic arm, or is crushed and killed by a machine. These rare and tragic incidents carry more weight than the countless hours that human workers operate alongside factory machines without accident or injury. While fast-moving, powerful machines certainly create hazards on factory floors, they also help keep work environments safer, make work easier for employees, and keep humans safe from harm.

Do factory robots put workers in danger?

Industrial machines and factory robots are designed to increase production, remove humans from hazardous environments, and make work easier and more enjoyable for human workers.

That being said, a machine only fulfills its purpose when it is used correctly. A factory robot isn’t more efficient than a human worker if it isn’t plugged in; it can’t keep humans safe from harm if workers misuse machinery. However, workplace injuries and accidents involving robots do occur. There are various reasons why these accidents might take place, they typically misuse of a machine or ignoring safety protocols.

There may be two or three robot-related injuries reported in any given year in the United States. The U.S. Department of Labor has 43 cases of robot-related accidents on record since 1984.

Factory robots keep workers healthy, happy, and safe

An American worker is injured on the job every seven seconds. The number one cause of workplace injury that results in lost work days is overexertion: lifting, lowering, and repetitive motions. Repetitive motion injuries, exposure to chemicals, and exposure to extreme heat are also high on the list of common workplace injuries. Factory robots help protect workers from all of these things.

Of course, industrial robots and factory machines only keep workers safe if they are used properly and maintained correctly.

Factory robots help protect workers, but they are also essential for modern manufacturing. Make sure that your industrial machines are functioning properly. This ensures that your machines run at peak performance and it helps keep your workers safe from accidents or injuries.

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