Are Batteries Inefficient?

Michio Kaku is one of the world’s most famous theoretical physicists. He’s known for building a 2.3 million electron-volt atom smasher betatron accelerator in his garage as a high school teenager, his contributions in developing string theory, and his predictions for our world in the future. Dr. Kaku says our most advanced computers have the intelligence of a lobotomized mentally retarded cockroach. He also says that batteries – including the Indramat battery powering your servos – are primitive and inefficient.

Our primitive batteries

It may be hard for you to get on board with this idea. The batteries for your Indramat system run for over a decade. That seems pretty efficient, right? Michio Kaku’s point is that batteries are not nearly as efficient as fossil fuels. It take a very large large battery to provide similar energy content found in gasoline. He explains that while gasoline is a terrible pollutant, it’s actually quite efficient.

Primitive or no, they’re what we’ve got

Maybe one day we will have truly efficient batteries.¬†We may be able to use nanotechnology to create efficient super batteries, but the technology just isn’t there yet. Imagine never having to replace the battery in your motion control system. You wouldn’t have to worry about keeping track of battery life, keeping a spare on hand, or losing data.

Until then, be mindful of when you need to replace batteries for Indramat components. The typical battery life for an Indramat battery is around 10 years.

You will see an error code when voltage dips below 2.8 volts. Once this error code pops up, you have two weeks to replace your Indramat battery. Keep in mind that this does not mean 2 weeks from the time you notice it, but two weeks from the time your system generates the error.

Don’t try and get crafty when it comes time to replace batteries for Indramat systems. Keep a spare battery on hand, and replace it as soon as you see the error message.

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