Always Start With Number 1

You know the saying, “It’s always the last place you look”? Well, that doesn’t usually apply to Indramat errors. Before embarking on a wild goose chase, check your Indramat troubleshooting guide and start with the first cause and remedial action.

Start with number 1

As obvious as it may seem, you should always start with the first cause when troubleshooting Indramat error codes.

The folks at Indramat were really considerate. They wanted to make sure that you were able to resolve error codes as quickly and efficiently as possible, so they put the most likely cause of the error at the top of the list.

Indramat troubleshooting guides list possible causes of error codes in order of most likely to least likely. So the most effective way to troubleshoot your fault and error codes is to start at the top with number 1 and work your way down.

Let’s use EcoDrive error code F229 as an example. An F229 error indicates a Motor Encoder Failure: Quadrant Error. The Indramat troubleshooting guide lists the following for causes:

  1. Defective encoder cable
  2. Interference on encoder cable
  3. Defective motor encoder interface
  4. Defective drive controller

This means that a bad cable is the most likely cause for this error code, and a defective drive controller is the least likely cause.

Needless to say, starting with cause number four can waste time and money. Replacing your drive controller won’t fix your problem if a bad cable is the culprit.

Always start at the top and work your way down with Indramat troubleshooting guides.

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