Alternating Indramat Error Codes

Your Indramat system might display several different error codes. While this can be alarming or confusing, alternating Indramat error codes aren’t that unusual. It simply means that your system has more than one diagnostic message. Whether you have one error or a dozen, the solution is the same—call 479-422-0390 for professional Indramat support.

Why are the error codes changing?

You may have noticed a few different Indramat error alerts on your system over the past few weeks. Sometimes you see the same error codes, and sometimes you notice different errors. Are problems appearing and then going away? Is your system clearing errors and creating new ones in the process?

Rest assured that your Indramat servos are not clearing fault codes for you; machines aren’t self-repairing and can’t fix problems on their own.

If you see alternating Indramat error codes, this means that your system has more than one fault. The H1 display cycles through all of the faults and error codes affecting your system in order of priority. Error diagnostic messages come first, then warning diagnostic messages, and command errors are displayed last.

The highest priority error appears first, and each following error is lower priority until it gets back to the first error code. You will see these errors loop until they are cleared.

Clearing Indramat faults and errors

Check your Indramat manual to see what type of remedial actions you need to take for your error codes. If you just need to hit the S1 button or pull a bad cable and replace it with a good one, you can clear those errors easily in-house. Trying to clear your own fault codes isn’t the most efficient method, however.

Professional Indramat support is the best option when you want to clear Indramat fault codes quickly and correctly. We have extensive experience diagnosing and troubleshooting Indramat error codes. We can troubleshoot most errors directly over the phone, and we offer on-site support when you need it.

Call 479-422-0390 for Indramat troubleshooting, repair, remanufacturing, service, and support. We offer preventive maintenance and inspection as well as factory repair services with 24-hour turnaround.