Affectionate Intelligence

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Embodied AI, or humanoid robots powered by Large Language Models, have been on the horizon for a while. Now Google’s Gemini has been embodied in the LG CLOi. That’s LG, the company that makes smart washing machines and dryers that play “The Lincolnshire Poacher” to let you know your laundry is ready. CLOi, according to the makers, not only embodies AI but also embodies our AI vision of Affectionate Intelligence.”

So what is affectionate intelligence?

LG’s CLOi, pronounced like the human name Chloe, is kind, friendly, and brings customers joy, according to the video.

This 5′ robot is on wheels, not legs, but it has a face reminiscent of a human, with a smile. It’s in service already at places like the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport, major hotels, hospitals, and museums. It has a docent function, in which it glides around with people sharing information about the exhibits they’re looking at. It will also give directions and estimate how long it will take guests to reach their destination. It has a patrol function, too, with surveillance.

With a pair of electronic screens, it can provide information and advertising if not joy, but a friendly content management system makes it easy to program. The DFW Airport reports that people get excited to see CLOi and stop to take pictures. It has both voice recognition and touch control, so it is ideal for increasing accessibility and assisting people who need help.

Affectionate intelligence, LG says, is “responsible AI,” focused on being caring and attentive. LG figures this will help distinguish their embodied AI from the more intimidating varieties of humanoid robots.

Industrial automation

We’re not seeing an immediate application for affectionate intelligence in the factory, but it could happen.

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