A World Without Servomotors

Imagine living in a world without servomotors. For many people this is easy to do. The average person goes through their daily life without knowing what a servo is, and without knowing how important servomotors truly are. These people might assume that they never come in contact with servos, and therefore if servomotors were to cease to exist, their lives would go virtually unchanged.

But those of use who recognize and understand the importance of servos realize that a world without servomotors would be an extremely different place.

Servomotors are more commonly used than you might think. In fact, servos can be found in many everyday items. Whether you’re brushing your teeth with your electric toothbrush, zooming in with your camera to capture a moment, popping a movie into your DVD player, or rolling the windows down in your car, you’re using a servomotor. Servos are so commonly used that it’s pretty safe to assume that most people encounter, or use, a servomotor at least once during their daily routine.

The widespread use of servos means that everyone would be affected directly if servos ceased to exist, but the impact would be far greater than blurry photographs and manual windows.

Servomotors are also extremely important, vital in fact, to manufacturing and industrial automation. Motion control systems like the ones built by Indramat wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for servomotors.

Automation allow us to produce items at the volume that we need to support the global population. Without servomotors, and the increased output that they provide, the earth’s population would be much smaller. If everyone still made things by hand, there would be no possible way to support the more than 7 billion people on earth.

A smaller population would mean that our society wouldn’t have made the technological, cultural, or scientific advancements that have been made. Who knows, without servomotors humanity might not have advanced past where it was in the 1800s, or maybe everything would still be operating on steam power. Regardless of what the world would be like, it would certainly be different.