A Record Year for Robots

American businesses bought almost 40,000 robots in 2021, spending $2 billion on increased automation and setting a record. 2021 brought more new robots to work in the U.S. than any previous year.

The pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic was one of the main reasons for the surge in automation. Needing solutions to provide more distance between workers, low-contact interactions with consumers, and replacements for quarantined people, U.S. companies turned to robots.

Some experts claim that automation jumped ahead by decades compared with its pre-pandemic trajectory. Certainly, many companies that had been waiting for the right moment to invest in automation went ahead and took the plunge.

Labor shortages

Even as vaccinations and new variants have shown a light at the end of the tunnel, labor shortages continue to plague American industry.

Machinery helped employers to manage with fewer workers. Increased productivity in manufacturing and warehousing allowed companies to keep up with higher demand for ecommerce items and groceries, as robots in these industries soared.

Not just autos

One of the big surprises in 2021 is that more than half of the robots purchased were for industries outside of car-making. The automotive industry has been the top spot for robots for decades, but 58% of the new 2021 robot purchases were for other fields.

The demand in metals rise by 91%. Food production was another area of growth.

Looking forward

Experts expect 2022 to set new records as businesses discover that automation is no longer optional in today’s competitive market.

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