A Quick Look at Different Indramat Controls

Indramat made some of the best motion control products in the world, especially in terms of reliability. Indramat controls practically never fail. Your more likely to find a four-leaf clover than see an Indramat control failure. Reliability is a great feature, but unfortunately this can be a double-edged sword.

Sure, it’s great that you can count on your machinery; however, good luck finding someone in your building who knows what to do, if you control does fail. Fortunately, it doesn’t really take luck because you can just give us a call.

We work with Indramat systems and examine different Indramat controls every single day. So if you’re control needs troubleshooting, don’t panic. Identify which control your system is using and contact us for immediate support.

Here’s a quick look at the different Indramat controls that we work with.

Indramat CLM 1.2

This is the most basic Indramat CLM control. The firmware cannot be removed from CLM 1.2 units.


Indramat CLM 1.3

Next in line for CLM controls, the CLM 1.3 has more options than the less advanced CLM 1.2 control. These controls have removable firmware. They also use a battery; it’s important to replace this battery as soon as you see a low voltage message.


Indramat CLM 1.4

The CLM 1.4 control is the most recent and most advanced control in the CLM family. This control comes in a gray color, which makes it easy to differentiate from the CLM 1.2 and CLM 1.3.


Indramat CLC-D

Indramat CLC controls are designed for a SERCOS interface, and aren’t limited to a single firmware or program type. Designed for use in Diax Series Drives, they can also be used in CCD style card cage. These controls also require a battery.


Indramat CLC-P

This is another control designed for SERCOS. CLC-P controls are used in ISA bus computers.


Indramat CLC-V

CLC-V is the third and final CLC control type. Again, this control is designed for a SERCOS interface. They are used in VMEbus racks.


Indramat PPC

PPC controls are also SERCOS-based. This control is free-standing and is used with Visual Motion or Synax.


Indracontrol L

Indramat’s rack-based Indracontrol L offers simple, convenient, and consistent automation for centralized and distributed architectures. These modular units can be expanded with human-machine interface components.

Learn more about Indracontrol L units.

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As you can see, there’s a wide range of control types. These are just the main control types, however. There are different Indramat controls within each category.

It’s important to locate the type code on your control; you must replace a defective control with a unit that has an identical replacement unit. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t identify your control — we can help.

If you need any assistance in troubleshooting your control, just call 479-422-0390 and we will provide support, or contact us online.