A Constant In Manufacturing

If you don’t like the weather in (insert name of state or region), just wait a few minutes. The saying is attributed to Mark Twain who was commenting on the sheer volatility of New England’s climate, but it seems as though most regions claim it as their own. The state of manufacturing isn’t quite as temperamental or unpredictable as the weather in New England, but it does change on a regular basis. Sometimes the manufacturing sector does well, and sometimes manufacturing struggles. Earlier this year people were celebrating a healthy manufacturing sector, and now there are reports of a manufacturing recession. Sometimes conflicting headlines simultaneously report that manufacturing is booming and floundering.

There’s often uncertainty in manufacturing. However, there’s at least one thing that always remains true regardless of the manufacturing forecast— your factory machines need to be maintained, repaired, and properly cared for.

If you don’t like where U.S. manufacturing is right now, just wait a few months

So many factors determine the health of the manufacturing industry: trade agreements (or disputes), national economies, the global economy, supply, demand, and everything else you learned about in macro economics.

All of these moving parts make it difficult to predict the future for U.S. manufacturing with any certainty. However, you can bank on the fact that wherever the manufacturing sector is right now, it won’t stay there for long. It will improve, or it will get worse, but it almost never stays the same.

Control what you can control

You can’t control the weather, but you can control how prepared you are for what the sky brings. You dress according to the forecast, and you pack an umbrella or a jacket, just in case. The same is true for manufacturing.

The decisions made by the average manufacturer have as much influence on the overall health of the manufacturing industry as dancing has on rain clouds. However, the decisions you make absolutely dictate whether your business thrives or falters.

One of the most important things you can do is make sure that your factory machines are properly maintained and ready for whatever comes their way. We specialize in Indramat industrial motion control systems.

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