5 Ways Servos Improve Manufacturing

New Indramat MDD Servo Motor

We know that servo motors make manufacturing better, but what exactly do servos do to improve it? Here are 5 ways that servos improve manufacturing.

Servos improve production

Without servo motors and industrial motion control, manufacturers wouldn’t be able to produce the volume of products they do today. Servo motor are often small and always efficient, but they also produce a lot of power. Smaller motors also mean that more motors can be used closer together. Servo motors improve manufacturing by allowing manufacturers to meet an increasing consumer demand.

Servos are versatile and precise

Servo motors are both highly precise and incredibly versatile. This means that servos are well suited for a variety of applications without sacrificing capability. Indramat servos give you the best of both worlds.

Servos make manufacturing cheaper

There may be increased initial cost, but you quickly make up for that initial investment. Save money on employees. Increased efficiency, increased production. You don’t have to pay workman’s comp for your automated machinery, you don’t have to pay for bathroom breaks, your industrial machinery doesn’t stop for lunch.

Plus, well-made servo motors last an extremely long time. If you have an Indramat legacy servo motor, you know just how long servos can keep churning. Longer life means fewer repairs and replacements, which means that you spend less on your system. However, if you do need Indramat servo repair or replacement, we’re the ones to call.

Servos reduce waste

Servo motors help reduce waste in a number of areas. Not only are servos energy efficient but they also reduce material waste, downtime, and cut employment costs. Waste reduction benefits consumers, manufacturers, and the environment.

Servos make work safer and easier for humans

Industrial motion control systems powered by servo motors cut out the heavy lifting. Servos can prevent repetitive motion injuries in human workers, and prevent strain injuries. Industrial machines also help to remove humans from potentially dangerous environments. Humans no longer have to be exposed to hazardous chemicals, gases, or extreme temperatures, as robots can take their place.

Of course servos only help manufacturers so long as they are working. Let us help keep your Indramat servos, drives, power supplies, or controllers in good working order. Call us today for Indramat support!