5 Things That Take Longer Than an Indramat Factory Repair

Any time that you’re unable to run your Indramat motion control system is time that costs your business money. Downtime is a huge financial burden. Restoring your system quickly minimizes the amount of time and money that your company wastes. Of course, you don’t want a poor quality patch job. You want a fast Indramat repair, but you always want the repair done the right way. An ineffective repair wastes time and money, and guarantees additional downtime in the future. The cost of downtime almost always outweighs the cost of a professional Indramat repair. An Indramat factory repair is the safest and most effective option for repairing Indramat systems.

Factory repair is also surprisingly fast. We offer Indramat factory repair with 24-hour turnaround. Just call us at 479-422-0390 and we can arrange factory repair services. Here are five things that can do in the time that it takes to get a professional repair done on your Indramat drive, control, or servo motor.

Driving from New Orleans to Hew Hampshire

Assuming you don’t have a lead foot, it takes 25 hours to drive the 1,634 miles between New Orleans, Louisiana and Woodstock, New Hampshire.

Watching the Earth to make a full rotation

It technically takes just under 24 hours — 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds — for the earth to make a complete rotation. Sometimes your Indramat factory repair can take less than 24 hours, too.

Reading a book… or three

The average person reads 250 words per minute. This translates to 15,000 words per hour, or 360,000 words in a day. That means you could read a few great American novels, or most of Atlas Shrugged, in the 24 hours it takes to get your Indramat servo back from a factory repair.

Paving your driveway

Concrete never truly stops curing; it hardens forever. However, concrete is considered fully hardened at 28 days, 70% hardened at 7 days, and set at 24 hours to 48 hours.

Boiling ten dozen eggs

It takes about 12 minutes to boil an egg. If you boiled one egg at a time, you could boil 120 eggs in 24 hours. This method is highly inefficient and not recommended.

Call 479-422-0390 for Indramat repair.

Factory repair is the most cost-effective, fastest, most convenient, and most reliable option for repairing Indramat motion control systems. Trained technicians who specialize in Indramat systems restore your unit to like new condition, and your unit comes back to you with a new one-year warranty. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support.