5 Things That Can Affect Your Indramat Power Supply

Indramat power supply error

Are you having issues with your Indramat power supply? Sometimes Indramat repair is serious business. A busted servo motor or a defective servo control are a big deal; those are problems requiring professional repair from Indramat experts (we can help, call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support).

Of course, some problems don’t require a factory repair or replacement unit. For example, your system might generate an error code indicating a problem with your power supply that can be remedied in-house. Here are five problems with Indramat power supply units that don’t require professional repair.

Faulty Indramat power supply cable

Consider a bad cable the silver lining to that dark and gloomy error code. A damaged or faulty Indramat cable can shut down a machine. Fortunately, replacing the cable requires little effort or know-how, and you can get your machines up and running again quickly.

We recommend that you keep a spare power supply cable on hand if you run an Indramat system. This mitigates downtime and prevents loss.

Bad fuse in the system

Sometimes the problem isn’t caused by the power supply itself. Like a bad cable, a blown fuse can shut down your machinery, but it’s often easy to replace.

Cables and fuses are the first things you should check if you have trouble with your Indramat power supply.

Too much heat around the machinery

This is an issue we see more of during warmer months. Excessive ambient heat in your factory can cause issues with your Indramat power supply units. You can’t control the heat outside, but you can lower the temperature in your factory.

Make sure that cooling fans and blowers are working properly on all units. Do not take shortcuts when it comes to cooling your machinery.

Weather can affect the power supply

Storms can affect the performance of Indramat power supply units through power outages and electrical interference. Again, there’s no controlling the weather, but this is a temporary problem rather than something that requires professional repair.

Power quality can affect your Indramat power supply

The quality of electricity in your factory has a direct affect on the power supply. Power quality includes voltage, frequency and waveform of the electricity that goes to your factory. Poor power quality means that the voltage, frequency, or waveform vary and fluctuate instead of maintaining a consistent level.

While there are ways to improve the power quality in your factory, this isn’t something that requires an Indramat professional.

Call 479-422-0390 for Indramat support

If the cable is good, your fuses are fine, the weather is perfect, and your electricity is clean and reliable, you may have bigger issues with your power supply unit.

For those big problems with your Indramat products, give us a call, or contact us online. We specialize in troubleshooting, repairing, and servicing Indramat systems.